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Saint Laurent’s Winter 2023 Show Exposes the Dialogue Between Eras


Anthony Vaccarello’s consistent vision for Saint Laurent has proven to be the barometer of timelessness. The designer unveils Saint Laurent’s Winter 2023 collection in Paris, reflecting his keyword for this collection: elegance. The collection is an amassment of deep understanding of Saint Laurent’s essence of emotion, precision, and reticence and Vaccarello’s powerful interpretation of the current moment.

Championing conventional perceptions on femininity is a stridently evident passion of Vaccarello’s. The clothes in the collection capture the tension of women fighting to exert feminine power in a male-dominated world, combining masculine elements such as broad shoulders, military style leathers, and wool. The vision is reflected in the bold silhouette blazers, a sharp cut tank-top, pencil skirts – that, we must not forget, were once considered scandalous – paired with pinstriped pieces, tartans, and glen plaids.

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The key silhouette consists of a confident blazer often paired with a slim pencil skirt, varying in the alternating underlying pieces of transparent, silky and softened chiffon tops and sheer stockings to create an evocatively beautiful contrast of femininity and boldness.

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On a sophisticated runway inspired the ballroom of the Intercontinental Hotel, where the brand presented all is Haute Couture collections between 1975 and 2001, Vaccarello has taken all the powerful symbols from that period – striking bronze chandelier and a uniquely shaped runway – and inserted them into the venue.