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Fendi's Menswear Fall 2023 Collection: Tongue-In-Cheek or Edgy Chic?


Fendi’s Fall 2023 Menswear collection is the perfect evidence that the hybrid of playfulness and edginess is not only successful, but also to-die-for. Silvia Fendi’s intention for her house’s Fall collection, as she expressed hastily in the show, was everything one needs to construct a wearable and sophisticated wardrobe that is guaranteed to make one feel comfortable and confident. The designer shared “I was thinking about having a good time—feeling great with fashion during the day but also during the night.”

Watching the fashion show, you can start seeing the brand’s almost tongue-in-cheek vision for this menswear season unfold as you’re met with a gigantic steel track marble runner taking over the runway, displaying all notes of whimsicality and sleekness. The brand showcased a mix of masculine and feminine clothing of sheer knitwear that exposed bare chests, one-shoulder tops, and capes wrapped around the body. The House presented literal baguette bags, shaped like the famous French bread, that possibly have Carrie Bradshaw fawning somewhere in New York. Fendi signified that the bag is not a prop, rather a serious investment piece in the future. Other looks included numerous forms of the infamous “It Bag”, the Baguette bag, sprayed shearling and fleece that created trompe-l’oeil moments on the runway, tailored trousers, tote bags, fringed coats, and leather jackets.

This season, Fendi is all about reintroducing the opulence of the everyday and surely promises a future of redefining our understanding of fashion.