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Prada's Fall 2023 Menswear Collection Had a Lot to Say


Prada’s Fall 2023 Menswear show is all the magic that one expects Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons to be intricately choreographing together. The show was held in Fondazione Prada, where the conversation was all about the clothes. The co-creative directors created a collection entitled Let’s Talk About Clothes and this vision was precisely what every piece in the collection echoed – although, nearly echoed as loud, were the Korean boyband Enhypen’s 7,000 fans’ fawning screams to the arrival of the seven members to the show. The K-pop band looked crisp in Prada attires from this season, making history as the first male K-pop group of their generation to attend an overseas fashion show together. There was an astounding clothes primacy in the inspiration behind the collection that will surely alchemize the future of couture. This collection’s pieces were stridently unafraid to be the sole center of the Fondazione. Pertaining to the brand’s identity, the desire for less excess and more focus on the essential clothing evoked a sense of timelessness, striking boldness, and elegant romance as the sharp-looking models walked down the runway.

As the brand continues to follow its own legacy, it created a contemporary set of key pieces that compose men’s wardrobe. Playing with silhouette, color, and class, the breathtaking collection was about its details as much as the overall effect. Floating sailor exaggerated collars with a minimal vibrant appearance of color made a return and were seen in numerous looks on the runway peeking over blazers, coats, and cardigans. We cannot talk details without mentioning the astonishing accessories paired with each look. There were coin purses styled around the neck, water bottles emerging out of sleek, top handle book bags, and chunky classy shoes. Walked sharply on the runway were single-breasted jackets, a series of pillowy bombers and tank tops, and most importantly a return of skinny jeans as a standout item, presented as a base for all the different compositions.

This season, Prada undoubtedly took our sense of reality somewhere else, grounding its uniform-esque clothing and workwear and transforming its element of practicality and wearability. There is an inextricable desire and inspiration to dress in the art of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons’s designs. We can non-arguably expect Prada, as it always does, to set the tone for this season’s couture vision.