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Balenciaga’s SS23 Collection Strives for the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth


Following the return instructions of a certain missing wallet, the fashion industry’s A-list were met with yet another – and bigger – surprise; the infamous Kanye West opening the Balenciaga SS23 show in Paris. While some dress to impress, Ye was certainly ready for a battle. His black leather ensemble featured a security jacket paired with a basketball cap. Marking his very first runway appearance, West’s powerful stomp down the runway naturally set the tone for what soon followed. Far from the typical mental image of a fashion show, this one had the models walking through mud, maneuvering puddles and sludge. With that in mind, Demna continued to further attract numerous gasps and awe from his audience. Models – including the ultra-famous social media sensation, Bella Hadid – walked the nontraditional runway with evident bruises and beaten faces. Others, carried Balenciaga dolls in baby carriers and red-carpet-worthy long gowns trailed in mud.

Photos provided by Balenciaga

As for the fashion, minimalism and practicality were certainly at the core of the collection. As the show unfolded, an apparent striking juxtapose was created between the early looks and the ending. Starting with oversized hoodies and strong shoulders for women and a variety of corset tops as well as mesh shirts for the men, the diverse looks soon started to include pleated gowns, slouchy oversized suits and sparkling clogs. It is fair to say that Demna kept a wide spectrum, offering a collection for everyone – no judgment made.

Photos provided by Balenciaga

Dubbed as apocalyptic by many of the attendees, the show instantly became the talk of town and beyond, however Demna chose to abstain from talking about it in the traditional sense. Refusing to neither being boxed, nor having to explain his thoughts, the designer’s show notes encouraged everyone to take charge of their own perceptions. “Fashion in its best-case scenario should not need a story to be sold to someone. you either like it or not,” the show notes stated. Yet, the designer had something to say about the Instagrammable set, “the set of this show is a metaphor for digging for truth and being down to earth. Let us let everyone be anyone and make love not war.”