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Misr Italia Properties Launches Radical-1 to Redefine the Future of Workspace


In the up and coming contemporary landscape of Egypt’s New Administrative Capital, an exciting project is set to redefine the concept of workspaces. Misr Italia Properties, a prominent real estate developer, has proudly launched its latest masterpiece, Radical-1, an embodiment of innovation, sophistication, and entrepreneurship and an implementation of its tagline “EMPOWER: DISRUPT”. 

Radical-1 emerges as an architectural epitome, pertaining with the dynamic atmosphere of its location on Mohamed Bin Zayed street. It promises a futuristic spacious environment, spanning 17 feddan and boasting a EGP 6 billion investment.

You’ll find yourself navigating through a space of endless experiences with 19 buildings stretching across 64,000 m2. The project offers a variety of spaces and customizable and indoor units that cater to the diverse needs of the modern professional from flexible indoor units and offices to boutique office buildings. Units boast glass facades and curtain walls that utilize natural light during the day to reduce energy consumption. 

People can expect to work in an environment where their office offers a full diverse experience. As part of IL BOSCO Commercial platform, Radical-1 overlooks the iconic Vertical Forest and is encompassed by the New Administrative Capital’s Tower. It takes visitors and investors into a realm where work and lifestyle are in close conversation. With high ceilings reaching 4.25 meters, private signage, ground floor components, and exclusive outdoor spaces, the project’s signature office spaces of flexible indoor and outdoor units redefine the structure of work-life structure.

Behind the brilliance of Radical-1 lies the strategic craftsmanship of its developers, Misr Italia Properties. Collaborating with industry leaders like CallisonRTKL, the master planner of Radical-1, Misr Italia Properties has combined together elements of nature and contemporary design, creating an environment that not only meets but exceeds the demands of the modern professional.

Mohamed Khaled El Assal, CEO and Managing Director of Misr Italia Properties, envisions Radical-1 as more than just a project. It’s a dedication to expanding the horizons of innovation in administrative and commercial realms. The company’s co-CEO, Mohamed Hany El Assal, emphasizes the customer-centric approach, where customer insights and experience shape the essence of their projects.