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Balenciaga’s Avant-Garde Fall 2024 Fashion Show in Los Angeles, California


Balenciaga made a debut in Los Angeles, CA, unveiling its Fall 2024 collection in the city for the first time against a breathtaking backdrop of swaying palm trees. The avant-garde display was accompanied by an electrifying soundtrack curated by BFRN, featuring a bespoke track layered with voiceovers.

This immersive experience was highlighted by the collection, which was an embodiment of Demna’s visionary approach, inspired by LA’s fashion ethos through a cinematic and identity-driven lens. Drawing elements from everyday life, the designs transitioned from actives like jogging, yoga, and gym sessions to the glamour of Hollywood evenings of Cristóbal Balenciaga-inspired gowns with a step-and-repeat-ready allure.

As the spotlight descends on the runway, the evening wear segment unveils pieces of highly defined shapes and silhouettes. Each piece pays homage to the legacy of Cristóbal Balenciaga himself, alluding to the past and present. The grand finale boasts wrapped coat gowns, plush form gowns, and tailored one-shoulder gowns. Opulence manifests with a monumental white gown in heavy white satin with a structured face shield.

Turning attention to accessories, the collection introduces the croc-embossed Rodeo bag, accompanied by the tactile allure of the knitted 24/7 tote and the evolved Monaco tote. A lineup of meticulously designed masks, shoes, jerseys, caps, and aprons further elevates the ensemble, creating a cohesive and captivating narrative that transcends fashion.