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Inside Nadine Ghosn’s World of Bling

In the world of high-end jewellery, where each piece serves as a testament to the creative genius of its designer, Lebanese-Brazilian designer Nadine Ghosn stands as a luminary. Her eponymous brand, Nadine Ghosn Jewellery, transcends the idea that jewellery is merely ornamental, instead weaves together a story of cultural fusion, personal growth, and the continuous pursuit of breaking new ground. During an exclusive interview, the designer sat down with Grail Middle East to share her design philosophy, the tumultuous journey to success, and provide invaluable insights into the essence of her label. The charm of Nadine’s designs lies not only in their diversity but also in the unwavering connection between the creation and the core identity of the brand. “I am profoundly inspired by my voyages and interactions with diverse cultures,” she reflects. “I never tailor my designs to fit market trends; rather, I let them evolve organically.” The designer prioritizes authenticity in her design methodology, as opposed to riding the waves of fleeting trends. Her pieces are crafted to resonate deeply with her audience. Nadine pays close attention to the ever-evolving landscape of the jewellery industry, and this attention leads her to find a niche, where high-end jewellery clientele covet avant-garde pieces that promote discussion and break convention, instead of trending pieces that are readily available.

Photographed by Olivia Ghalioungui for Grail

Nadine describes her eponymous label as “Bold, Refined, and Unexpected,” ideas that are prevalent in every design and creation, which not only break conventional norms but also exude sophistication and elegance. One has only to look at some of her bestselling creations to know that they are unconventional, yet sophisticated. The pencil bracelet crafted from 18K Gold takes the form of a pencil, but instead of finding it in your stationery kit, it belongs in your jewellery box. The same can be said about the best-selling Veggie Burger Ring, which exudes the designer’s resilience, sense of humor, and sociability, traits which Nadine uses to describe herself. In an industry that is constantly in flux, and known for its high production demands, the designer uses her poise to navigate these challenges. “The jewellery market is expanding, yet it remains fiercely competitive,” she says. While circumnavigating manufacturing constraints, and strategizing amid environmental challenges like the pandemic, added to volatile material prices, resilience is critical. Nadine’s work methods involve maintaining agility, perpetually strategizing, and pre-empting the dynamics of brand evolution. Ghosn takes inspiration from a variety of colors, experiences, and unique styles that she encounters. “I revel in witnessing individuals who dare to juxtapose disparate elements in unique ways,” she says, underlining her passion for capturing the zeitgeist through a blend of vintage allure and contemporary flair. To feed her creative spirit, Nadine shuns the shackles of trend-chasing and instead opts to cultivate her own, personal artistic voice.
Looking back at her journey thus far, Nadine remembers the skepticism that surrounded her initially, as she entered into the world of jewellery design. However, when her creations graced the hallways of renowned institutions like Bergdorf Goodman and Colette and were picked up by famous figures like Karl Lagerfeld and Beyonce, the designer’s decision to pursue this path was validated. Each achievement and moment when her designs were embraced by discerning fashion forward A-listers served as motivation for her to remain committed to carving her own space in the industry. Born of Lebanese and Brazilian heritage, the designer’s diverse cultural background inspires her worldview with resilience and gratitude. “I defy categorization by identity or nationality,” she reflects, embracing unexpected collaborations and innovations with fervor. Her nomadic cultural values go beyond geographical boundaries, influencing her approach to design and the decision making process.
From her vast repertoire of creations, one particular piece is considered highly by the designer – the Veggie Burger. Comprising stackable rings adorned with precious stones, the Veggie Burger symbolizes the union of creativity and craftsmanship. However, creating unconventional designs involves a high degree of risk-taking. Nevertheless, the designer is unfazed by potential setbacks and uncertainties, viewing each collection as a blank canvas for pushing the limits of creativity and promoting meaningful conversations. While she is well-known for her avant-garde designs, the designer chooses to remain humble and avoid becoming complacent. “I never feel as though I’ve ‘made it,'” she confides. Yet, witnessing the gradual evolution of her brand fills her with a sense of pride. Each encounter and acknowledgment is a reaffirmation of her steadfast dedication to growing Nadine Ghosn Jewellery from its nascent inception to solidifying its ethos, aesthetic, and trajectory.

Photographed by Olivia Ghalioungui for Grail

Nadine has thus far had an impressive career, crafting bespoke jewelry for Beyoncé and collaborating with Drake on a custom piece for his album “For All The Dogs.” These collaborations, as well as numerous others, enrich the designer and expand her horizons, whether she is working with a music titan, a luminary of haute couture, or private clients. Creating personalized pieces for Drake’s project was a significant achievement for the designer, showcasing her talent for merging artistic vision and collaborative energy.

Photographed by Olivia Ghalioungui for Grail

Nadine also shares valuable advice for anyone starting in the jewelry industry. “Cultivate a robust support system and steel yourself for the vicissitudes of this rollercoaster ride,” she says. Building a brand from scratch requires perseverance, vulnerability, and unwavering determination. It is both a personal and professional journey that demands resilience and tenacity. Looking to the future, Nadine sees her brand on an upward trajectory, with steady growth. Through each new collection and collaboration, the brand embarks on a journey of self-exploration and discovery, while navigating the constantly evolving world of fine jewelry. As the sector continues to grow, Nadine is ready to exploit new opportunities and elevate her brand to even greater heights. Nadine Ghosn is a true exemplar of unbound creativity that exists among us. Her designs, coupled with her unwavering passion, shed light on the power of innovation and resilience. Nadine is an inspiration for those who want to embrace the unexpected, celebrate individuality, and embark on a personal journey of self expression.

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