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Cairo Food Week Returns to Garden 8 by Misr Italia Properties


Cairo Food Week, in its second consecutive partnership with  Garden 8 by Misr Italia Properties (MIP) play district partner to the unveiling of the highly awaited second edition, bringing together a constellation of global tastemakers and culinary visionaries to illuminate the indulgent field of Egyptian gastronomy. With over 20 internationally acclaimed Michelin-starred chefs lending their expertise to this spectacular culinary showcase, the stage is set for an unparalleled hospitality extravaganza.

Renowned for its commitment to excellence in hospitality and culinary innovation, MIP has undoubtedly made a distinguished reputation for itself. This year, the company joined forces with Flavor Republic, the Cairo-based collective renowned for their love for food and art, to curate an unforgettable experience. A reflection of this revolutionary vision lies in Garden 8, a haven of luxury experiences, where a fervent dedication to introducing novel concepts  defines every corner.

Photo provided by Misr Italia Properties

Building upon the resounding success of the first edition, where MIP sponsored three iconic events celebrating international blends —the “We’re Paving the Way” lunch at Garden 8’s Buoy, “The Architecture of Taste” dinner at the historic former Italian Consulate building in Downtown Cairo, and the captivating “Origins of Dough” at Otto in Garden 8—this year’s iteration promises to elevate the culinary journey by incorporating upscale dining experiences. Featuring various refined lifestyle components round two of Cairo Food Week stands as a platform for collaboration with international Michelin-starred icons; ultimately delivering state-of-the-art fusions.

In a testament to its ongoing commitment to excellence, Garden 8 by MIP introduces new concepts and unique ideas through this year’s edition of Cairo Food Week, fully believing in the significant impact of the event since its inauguration. As New Cairo’s premier lifestyle destination, Garden 8 by MIP showcases the skill and expertise its own chefs, namely at Buoy and Umami. Over the course of two nights, three exclusive dinners are set to take place: a sumptuous ticketed dinner at Buoy on May 11th, spotlighting the culinary prowess of Karime Lopez and Takahiko Kondo of the Michelin-starred Gucci Osteria, alongside Adam Kodovas of Ex Machina Lopez. Another ticketed six-hand dinner is taking center stage at Umami on the same night, featuring a meticulously crafted menu by chefs Mohamed Orfali, Sara Aqel, and Tarek Ibrahim, the first certified Arab Master Chef; followed by an intimate invite-only dinner at Buoy on May 12th, showcasing the collaborative genius of chefs Lopez, Kondo, and Kodovas.

Photo provided by Misr Italia Properties

For two special nights, guests are guaranteed to indulge in a realm of refined fusions celebrating local and international cuisines, where every dish serves as a narrative thread, unfolding a story behind the distinct perspectives and innovative interpretations of each participating chef, who offers culinary art that engages all your senses. A luxurious experience that is in tune with the Egyptian culture, Cairo Food Week, at Garden 8 by MIP, takes a leap towards ensuring a consistent presence of refined taste in New Cairo, while putting the country on the global culinary map.