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Dior Men Unveils Its Fall 2023 Collection in the Land of the Pharaohs


A weekend for the books! The Parisian Maison unveiled two collections in Egypt in attendance of a star-studded list of fashion aficionados.

A moment anticipated for many years, almost thought to be a fantasy that will never become a reality. Dior made a long-awaited voyage to the land of the pharaohs to unveil not one, but two new collections. On Friday, December 02, the Parisian fashion mogul brought to the new Grand Egyptian Museum “A Journey of Jazz”, a dialogue between New York and Paris, going through New Orleans. As part of the Dior Fall 2023 Menswear show, the Artistic Director of Dior Men, Kim Jones, worked with Denim Tears by Tremaine Emory to create an unprecedented capsule collection. The Dior Tears Collection presents a unique vantage point – bridging the elegance of the classics with the unexpected charm of the contemporary. Paying tribute to the preppy style of the fifties and sixties, the collection defines the origins of cool – reworking archetypal American garments. Plaid shirts, varsity jackets and chinos stood tall in proximity to the museum’s priceless collection of ancient-Egyptian antiquities. While many of the guests left the memorable presentation in awe, Dior’s planned extravaganza in Egypt was only beginning to unfold.

His companion, motivator, and source of inspiration, after all, the stars constituted a significant part of Mr. Christian Dior’s life and legacy. More than seven decades after the day he tripped over his “lucky star” on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, and exactly 75 years after the debut of his signature “New Look”, his Maison chose to celebrate his legacy and lifelong admiration of astrology under the starry sky of Giza, Egypt. Taking place at the foot of the majestic pyramids, Dior Men’s Autumn collection by Jones saluted the past, addressed the present and aspired for the future. The brand’s first fashion show to be stagged in Egypt attracted gasps, giggles of joy and even tears from the attending slew of fashion enthusiasts and Maison friends, hailing from Egypt and far beyond. Robert Pattinson, Naomi Campbell, Lewis Hamilton, Sehun and Cha Eunwoo amongst others, flew in to attend the mesmerizing show. In the meantime, Amr Youssef, Dhafer L’Abidine, Ahmed Hatem and Marwan Pablo were also seen in attendance.

My interest in ancient Egypt is about the stars and the sky. It is that fascination with the ancient world and the parallels with what we look at today; what we inherited from them and what we are still learning from the past. It links to Christian Dior in that sense and by way of his fascination with symbols and superstitions that recur throughout his life and work, one of which is the star,” says Kim Jones.

Photo provided by Dior

Paying tribute to its surroundings, the collection’s chosen color palette mimicked a clear desert sky from daytime to nightfall. Embodying the timeless importance of stars, from the time when they were used to guide the travelers to the time when they are observed by NASA’s telescopes, the silhouettes were precise, with sharp tailoring. Additionally, couture detailing presented the collection’s point of strength. Dior’s well-known masterful craftsmanship was also evident in the most minute features – the luxurious leather goods, unexpected footwear, and penchant for extravagance.