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D de Dior Satine Pays Homage to the Middle East


In a realm brimming with diverse timepiece designs, when a new creation stands out, it’s unmistakably a covetable gem. This reinvented D De Dior timepiece transcends functionality and becomes a statement piece, delicately adorning your wrist with audacious charm.

The D De Dior Satine watch, with its mesmerizing iridescent orange dial, draws inspiration from the poetic hues of a sunset, paying homage to the vibrant colors of the Middle East. It waits to sit on the wrist of an elegant, yet daring wearer; someone with a discerning palate for sophistication.

Crafted with finesse, its subtly lacquered mother-of-pearl frame is adorned with precious brilliant-cut diamonds. The case boasts a bezel adorned with 50 brilliant-cut diamonds, an antireflective sapphire crystal glass, and a yellow gold crown embellished with the iconic “CD” logo, encrusted with 13 brilliant-cut diamonds. The stainless steel Milanese mesh bracelet complements the yellow gold accents and orange tones, creating a captivating contrast that distinguishes this Swiss-made timepiece. Limited to just 150 pieces, this watch embodies exclusivity and individuality, destined to become an expression of identity, collection, and taste.