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Cartier Honors Ramadan’s Spirit of Togetherness


Cartier celebrates the profound essence of “Togetherness” and enduring bonds that define the holy month of Ramadan, under the moonlight, alongside the esteemed faces of its adored campaign ambassadors. Aptly titled “The Moonlight Brings Us Together”, this campaign features Emirati entrepreneur and interviewer Anas Bukhash, Saudi athlete Husein Alireza, Tunisian actor Dhafer L’Abidine, Egyptian actress Tara Emad, and Lebanese actress Razane Jammal.

Photo provided by Cartier

The powerful star-studded campaign celebrates the sense of connectedness and unity that Ramadan embodies. It magnifies the love shared among families, friends, and even strangers, capturing the spirit of the season. Aligned with Cartier’s Trinity collection, renowned for its opulent, iridescent, and luminous elements, the campaign resonates with the symbolism of Ramadan’s crescent moon.

Photo provided by Cartier

In a touching video, the stars are presented standing or strolling beneath an ethereal moonlit sky, gradually converging, exuding a sense of unity, friendship, and collective harmony. It emphasizes the unseen string of connection that brings people together no matter where they are or where they are from.