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Azza Fahmy Unveils New Collection in Collaboration with Carmen Bseibes


Azza Fahmy, the globally revered jewelry brand, collaborates with the exceptionally talented Lebanese actress Carmen Bseibes to unveil its awe-inspiring collection at the prestigious annual Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition.

This collection is a celebration of Azza Fahmy’s 55th anniversary and will be showcased a pop-up store at the Doha fair from February 5 to 11. The face of the campaign is none other than the beautiful star Carmen Bseibes, who will represent the collection, Turath, which translated to ‘heritage’ in Arabic. 

Turath, a masterful collection, comprises six exquisite pieces intricately designed with the incorporation of words and poetry by Abdel Rahman el-Abnudi, along with gemstones, carvings, mixed metals, and other artistic elements.