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The Prestigious Joy Awards 2024 United Talents from Across the Globe

The 2024 Joy Awards took place last night, honoring exceptional talents in the realms of TV, sports, and social media at an event known as one of the Middle East’s most prestigious honors. Organized by the General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia, this extraordinary gathering united stars from around the globe.

Photo: Tyson Fury

Photo: Tyson Fury

In its fourth edition, the Joy Awards shone a spotlight on talents such as Muna Wassef, Quincy Jones, Kevin Costner, Essaad Younis, Ali Al-Midfa, Rabeh Saqer, and Anthony Hopkins. The event witnessed the presence of a multitude of influential talents, including Amr Diab, Yousra, Ahmed Ezz, Lebleba, Yasmine Sabri, Karim Abdel Aziz, Nancy Ajram, Nicole Saba, Mohamed Imam, Carmen Bsaibes, Ashraf Zaki, Ilham Shaheed, Dora, Reem Mustafa, Amr Youssef, Asser Yassin, Amy Samir Ghanem, among others.

Sattar, a Saudi Arabian film, clinched the Feature Film award, while the Lebanese series, Crystal, claimed victory in the Series category. Nelly Karim and Karim Abdel Aziz received honors for Actress and Actor in Film categories, respectively, while Rahab Mohammed and Saad Aziz won in the Actress and Actor in Series categories. Adel Imam was recognized as The Leader of Arab Art.

The Best Song award went to “Ya Leil w Yap Ein” by Al Shami. Assala Nasri and Ayed took home the Female and Male Musical Artist awards, respectively.

Photo: Tyson Fury

Eva Longoria was named Personality of the Year, a title presented to her by the iconic Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram, while the prestigious Diamond Entertainment Makers Award was given to none other than Elie Saab.