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Saudi Arabia Makes Entertainment History Unveiling the Grand Opening of its First Opera House


Makes Entertainment History with the Grand Unveiling oIt is safe to say that Saudi Arabia is on the the spewing journey of making a name for itself as a headquarter for different fields and industries. This year, it is taking the music realm by storm as it revealed on December 14 to open its very first Opera House in Riyadh’s ancient Diriyah district.

Photo: Snohetta

The Diriyiah Company, in collaboration with the Royal Commission for Riyadh City, has announced the construction of the new project in only one of Saudi Arabia’s most prominent culturally and historically rich hub.

Photo: Snohetta

Designed by renowned architectural firm Snøhetta, The Opera House spans over 45,000 square meters and draws its inspiration from the traditional Najdi architecture. It will represent both history and modern aesthetic. This architectural and cultural marvel is set to mark a milestone in the Kingdom’s journey toward establishing itself as a hub for innovation, advancement, culture, entertainment, technology, and more.