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‘New Money’ and the Evolution of Rhude


Back in 2015, Rhuigi Villaseñor founded his brand Rhude, a venture born on the streets of Los Angeles that brought a balance between luxury techniques and streetwear elements, all of which culminate into luxurious ready-to-wear collections.

Rhude is designed from a narrative standpoint and its primary task is to reflect the modern socioeconomic factors, as well as the personal stories of its founder when coming to Los Angeles. Fast forward a couple of years and Rhude has evolved into a brand that showcases collections every season. Each of these collections combines American iconography with nostalgic references, thereby creating a visual commentary on the style and culture found in the City of Angels.

Its designer and founder, Rhuigi Villaseñor, has no formal design training but credits his designs and knowledge of garment construction to his mother, who was a tailor. The time spent with her served as a foundation and brought about an understanding of how to build pieces and the stories that follow in each collection.


In his latest show, staged last week, Villaseñor continues with the elevation of his vision where streetwear mixes with luxury. The Spring/Summer 2023 show brought Los Angeles casualness to Paris, staying true to its roots on the West Coast. Silhouettes were relaxed and consisted of the brand’s classic branded court shorts that were paired with oversized bowling shirts.

The collection is titled “New Money” and features elevated summer staples that were prep-inspired. In this collection, the designer reconstructed shorts using argyle and paired them with a matching cardigan that brought back country club vibes.



The collection also featured other vibrant pieces that included an orange-hued trouser and jacket pairing. The bright colour dominated fashion week and Rhude’s show was no different. The collection also featured an all-leather monochrome outfit and a cotton sweater and shirt combo.

Elsewhere oversized silhouettes dominated Rhude’s SS 23 show and the key piece from the collection was a comfort-focused bomber jacket and blazer that may have just edged the rest of the show.

Tailored trousers were paired with untucked and relaxed button-down shirts and blazers. The California vibe was kept alive as models paired the blazer, shirt, and pants combo with bright-colored flip-flops.