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Maison Valentino Black Tie Fall/Winter 2023 Collection Unties the Tie


Maison Valentino by Pierpaolo Piccioli Fall/Winter 2023 collection is aptly titled Black Tie as it emancipates the universal emblem of tradition and restriction from its conventional perception and reimagines it through numerous permutations. The House demystifies the formal and is led by the desire to deconstruct the orthodox and liberate it from gender narratives and restraint.

Photo provided by Valentino

Piccioli moves the House towards an androgynous wardrobe, untying the tie by fusing it with unfettered sleeveless and above-the-knee dresses, daring colors that add an element of inclusivity and edginess, and punctuations of shimmer in sequined skirts and statement coats and dresses. If it’s Maison Valentino, you know there’s room for the romantic with theatrical plumaged coats, mini skirts with three-dimensional roses, and sheer tops.

Alongside, a future heritage: the Rockstud, first introduced in 2010 becomes a punctuation throughout the show, on Valentino Garavani shoes and accessories. An aesthetic double speak of history and the contemporary, renaissance and punk, is a demarcation of the multifaceted identity of Valentino today. The semblance of this dual identity is manifested in tattooed models stomping the runway, exaggerated makeup looks, chunky boots, and face jewelry.