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Louis Vuitton's Men’s Fall 2024 Collection in Paris: A Pinnacle of Representation


Representation, reinterpretation, and reformation can easily describe Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2024 menswear collection. The French brand presented its buzz-worthy collection at the Jardin d’acclimation in Paris yesterday, marking Pharrell Williams’ third runway show for the House.

Photo: Armando Grillo

Although each collection of Williams’ seems to possess its individual story, we can interpret his storytelling as a series of not only fashion reformation, but perhaps a social one too. The Men’s Creative Director looked back home to represent the original cowboys of The United States. He aimed to diversify people’s imagery of cowboys to include people of color and Native Americans.

Photo: Filippo Fior

From the models and clothes to the intricate design process and details, every choice was made to serve the purpose of the three Rs. Tribes from Dakota and Lakota contributed heavily to the breathtaking accessories from hand painting to embroideries. Music in the opening and closing was co-composed by both Williams and Lakota “Hokie” Clairmont and performed by Native Voices of Resistance.

Photo: Armando Grillo

Clothes included cowboy hats, buckle belts, shearling jackets, boots, bags, collar shirts, jeans, Pont Neuf jackets, and most captivatingly, jewelry in bright turquoise, a color that dominated many of the collection’s details, from buttons against brown and denim fabric to bags.