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Georges Hobeika’s Spring 2024 Runway Show at Paris Haute Couture Week: An Ode to Middle Eastern Women


In a breathtaking showcase at Paris Haute Couture Week, Georges Hobeika unveiled his couture Spring 2024 collection, once again casting a spell with his ethereal and meticulously crafted designs. Renowned for his ability to encapsulate dreamy sophistication and unparalleled beauty, the Lebanese designer took a deeply emotive approach to this collection, creating a luxurious collection that pays heartfelt homage to the Arab world.

Photo provided by Georges Hobeika

In a mesmerizing display of color, romance, and timeless allure, Hobeika’s creations echo the glamour of Middle Eastern women and the region’s rich cultural allure. From pale yellow suits and coats to intricately patterned men’s blazers, every piece in the collection exudes a sense of joy and creativity. The runway comes alive with the sparkle of sequins, the allure of figure-accentuating designs, and the obvious touch of timelessness.

Photo provided by Georges Hobeika

The garments tell a story, one that resonates with the cinematic glamour of iconic Middle Eastern film figures and performers. As Om Kalthoum’s haunting soundtrack fills the air, the runway becomes a space upon which the spirits of legendary figures like Sabah, Fayrouz, Zobeida Tharwat, and Soad Housny are summoned, their beauty intertwined with the ambiance.

Photo provided by Georges Hobeika

Hobeika masterfully captures the essence of an older era, infusing the collection with a nostalgic nod to the older Arab style. Yet, amidst this homage to tradition, the designs maintain a modern-day allure. In this transcendent collection, Georges Hobeika reminds us once again of his status as a visionary designs, not merely designing garments, but creating an immersive experience that transcends fashion, evoking the emotions and spirit of a rich cultural heritage.