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Bottega Veneta Unveils Extensive Home Collection


For the past 55 years, luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta has been known for its exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design — celebrated a bastion of opulence in the fashion industry. Beyond its fashion lines that are characterized by their harmonious blends of sophistication and elegance, the Italian house unveiled a groundbreaking expansion into the realm of home decor — marking a milestone in the brand’s legacy.

Photo provided by Bottega Veneta

The home decor line is set to redefine elegance beyond the runway — utilizing its distinctive craftsmanship to create timeless pieces that are guaranteed to elevate any space.

The homeware collection includes more than 80 items, including luxurious wooden table sets, leather goods, laundry baskets, pet accessories, cushions, blankets, and ceramics.

Photo provided by Bottega Veneta

The leather goods feature trays and cassette boxes as well as Intreccio Nappa animal figures and a variety of pet accessories in different sizes and colors. The leather goods also include a decorative leather tray — similar to the Bottega Jodie bags — that will transform any table or living space into a realm of refined elegance, enriched by its sophistication as a captivating decorative masterpiece.

Photo provided by Bottega Veneta

The blankets are crafted from wool and adorned with patchwork details and accents of calfskin — mirroring the brand’s aesthetic. In parallel to the blankets are the Intrecciato quilter leather cushions and the tweet cushions that exude opulence and comfort — effortlessly enhancing living rooms or bedrooms with their allure and timeless appeal.

Amongst the collection are playing cards consisting of two custom decks and a pocket-sized leather cover. The games include a card game, leather backgammon, and dominoes. 

The collection pays homage to Bottega Veneta’s commitment to luxury in every aspect of life — promising sophistication and elegance