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Bottega Veneta Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear Collection


In an ever-evolving world where fashion often flirts with the fantastical and extravagant, Bottega Veneta’s AW24 collection, under the visionary Matthieu Blazy, offers a refreshing ode to the everyday. Set against a subtly industrial backdrop, illuminated by the gentle glow of tropical cacti lights, the stage is set to celebrate the extraordinary within the ordinary.


Blazy, celebrated for his ability to merge innovation and wearability, presents a collection that speaks volumes about the power of understated elegance. Gone are past seasons’ opulent embroideries and lavish embellishments; this year’s focus is on clean lines, impeccable tailoring, and an exploration of form and function.


According to Blazy, the collection began by examining the news and analysing the world we currently inhabit. His initial idea was to strip the collection back to the function of the clothes, to make a monument out of the everyday. From the outset, it was evident that this collection was not about embellishments and lavish embroidery but about form and function. The show opened with a couture-inspired black cocoon coat with a three-dimensional silhouette, a testament to the designer’s mastery of volume. Big brass buttons secured the sides and sleeves, allowing the coat to transform from structured monumentality to effortless simplicity with a mere unfastening. The theme of versatility and adaptability ran like a thread throughout the collection, with pieces designed to seamlessly transition from day to night, from office wear to a night out on the town.


Blazy’s emphasis on craftsmanship and technique is key to the collection’s appeal. Each detail speaks of the designer’s meticulous attention, from the delicate fringes adorning hems to the shredded fil coupe dévoré. Memory prints, crafted from layers of passport stamps, bring a whimsical yet personal touch to ethereal dresses and flowing skirts, while subtle prints of “future” hint at the promise of tomorrow.